A Chokecherry Shootout

07 Jul

wine vanity plateMaple River Winery in Casselton has issued a challenge to the communities of North Dakota.  For nine years, Maple River Winery has been making their world famous chokecherry wine and this year they are hosting a contest calling for 1,500 pounds of chokecherries from six ND locations.  The chokecherries will be used in wine and after judging takes place on December 9 a “Best Chokecherries in the State” winner will be announced.

Here’s the really cool part:  Maple River Winery will pay $1.50 per pound for the chokecherries AND the winner will receive $1,000.  Come on North Dakota – now the chokecherry is the state fruit – let’s see who gets the bragging rights?

Hmmm … wonder how I can nominate myself for that wine judging?


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One response to “A Chokecherry Shootout

  1. winelife365

    July 25, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    Hi- Curious to know what this tastes like. Will you provide a description? Does the taste compare to any particular grape varietals? Mark


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