Yes you can dog-sled too

25 Jan

Ever wondered what kind of strength, patience and teamwork it would take to run the Iditarod?  You can get a taste of those answers in North Dakota.  Dog sledding is one of the fun, winter pursuits visitors can enjoy here.  Dogs, sleds and training are provided.

Prairie Isle Dog Trekking operates near Petersburg, ND., and offers a hands-on opportunity to harness the team, ride on the runners and experience the freedom and joy of dog sledding.  Contact information to book dog-sledding adventures is on the website.  Prairie Isle Dog Trekking can also be found on facebook.

Some dog sledding fans have asked about Nancy Yoshida, a North Dakotan who competed in the 2009 Iditarod and couldn’t finish due to a broken sled.  Yoshida has withdrawn from the 2010 race, but is commited to competing again in the future.

Here’s a look at the fun you could have on the trail behind Whisper, Pilot, Thyme, Ice and the rest of the team.

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One response to “Yes you can dog-sled too

  1. JimmyTH

    February 8, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    I used to watch a TV series about wilderness vacations, the guy starring was a typical city person with zero experience. One of the best episodes was about dog sledding. He got about twenty minutes of expert training, was absolutely sure of his ability to handle the team, and got on. The team took off at top speed, dumped him on the first turn, and the last you saw of him he was running behind trying to catch up. It’s pretty amazing how quickly animals figure out you’re green. Good thing to do with an expert along the first few times, though I doubt anyone with a dog team would rent them out to a novice.


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