Happy Earth Day!

22 Apr

Agriculture is the #1 industry in North Dakota.  So you could say that we’re known for (literally) loving the Earth.  Bismarck is #13 on CNN Money’s top 25 cities with the cleanest air in the U.S.

There are numerous special events today to celebrate and honor the Earth.  Here are two of them:

  • Learn.  Discuss.  Grow.  Dakota College at Bottineau invites guests for a free Earth Day event.  Enjoy an independent documentary and a number of thought-provoking break-out sessions and discussions.
  • A free Earth Day celebrationwill also be held from 3-7:30 p.m. at the Raymond J. Bohn Armory in Bismarck.  Check the schedule for all the fun activities planned.
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One response to “Happy Earth Day!

  1. Bob Moffitt

    April 22, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    As the nation marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day this week, it’s a good time for North Dakotans to consider the gifts the planet has offered to us. Petroleum from the Bakken shale and coal from the western counties have helped our state’s economy and provided thousands of jobs. Yet we also remain among one of the most rural states, with agriculture driving the local wealth and employment for many of our citizens. In recent years, new technologies such as wind power, biofuels and hybrid-electric vehicles have sprung up in North Dakota, along with new “green collar” careers.

    Last year, the American Lung Association’s State of the Air Report cited Fargo as the metropolitan area with the cleanest air in the nation – an accomplishment the entire state can be proud of.

    Yet there is much yet to do. While wind turbines are now turning in places like Valley City, these represent just a fraction of the untapped potential this state has in wind-generated electricity. We are expanding the production and retail infrastructure of cleaner-burning fuels like E85, ethanol and biodiesel. While we provide the nation with badly needed sources of energy, we must also seize opportunities created by the international shift to more renewable, less polluting energy sources.

    Earth Day was never intended as a partisan event to divide people along ideological lines, but rather an opportunity for everyone to think about this wonderful but fragile world, and to perhaps do something to help preserve it for future generations. Nor was it an event created just for big city elites – many of its founders were Midwesterners. Then a young law student, North Dakota’s Sen. Kent Conrad was among the first staff members hired by the first national coordinator for Earth Day. The idea behind Earth Day came from the late Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin.

    The American Lung Association in North Dakota is strongly supportive of the new opportunities that come with the move toward cleaner vehicles and cleaner fuels. We have put together a public-private partnership, the North Dakota Clean Air Choice Team, to take advantage of our state’s incredible ability to produce crops that can be used for both food and fuel, making North Dakota even more of an energy exporting state than it is today.

    Making small changes like using cleaner-
    burning E85 in a flex fuel vehicle or biodiesel in a diesel vehicle add up. Each flex fuel vehicle that uses E85 instead of gasoline prevents an average of 4 tons of air pollutants and emissions every year. Visit to see if your vehicle can use E85.

    So do whatever steps you can to tread a little lighter on the planet. The earth will thank you.


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