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Fishing North Dakota

I answered the phone yesterday to this greeting, “I can’t take it anymore.”  Thinking that something may be wrong, I got concerned.  The response was, “Keith keeps texting me about all the fish he’s catching; I’ve gotta get out there.”  And thus began my husband’s afternoon on the Missouri River.  That was followed up by this morning’s journey to the Missouri River.  And in these two days of fishing I’ve gotten these photos texted to me.


You could say the fishing in North Dakota is already pretty good … and considering anglers haven’t gotten out on Lake Sakakawea and Devils Lake yet, it’s only going to get better.

The season doesn’t close/open for North Dakota fishing, with the exception of paddlefishing – which opens on Sunday, May 1. The season is scheduled to run through the end of May, though state wildlife officials will close it early to protect the fish population if it appears too many paddlefish will be caught. That’s happened eight times in the past 10 years.  North Dakota’s Game and Fish Department has the info on this exclusive season.

The paddlefish is one of the largest freshwater fish found in North America.  It’s often desired for its caviar, and a Williston nonprofit called North Star Caviar harvests the paddlefish eggs and sells them to raise money for community grants and paddlefish research.

A new paddlefish state record was set in 2010 when then 16-year-old Alex Mergen snagged one weighing at least 130 pounds.

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And the least laziest state goes to… North Dakota!

North Dakota was named the least laziest state in the United States by Bloomberg Businessweek on yesterday. This has been a five-year study (2005-2008) using data from BLS American Time Use Survey.

So what makes a state lazy (was my first thought)? They were very clear that they did not mean lack of work ethic or engagement, but it was measured by leisure time spent doing sedentary activities compared with activities that require more physical effort, such as exercising and even working. In North Dakota, the least inactive state, people sleep 8 hours, 4 minutes; watch 2 hours, 19 minutes of television; socialize for 40 minutes; and relax for 22 minutes. The average time North Dakotans spend working is just over 5 hours. The average for the U.S. population: 8 hours, 35 minutes sleeping; 2 hours, 38 minutes watching television; 44 minutes socializing; 18 minutes relaxing; and 3 hours, 23 minutes working.

I think this study reinforces why North Dakota is so Legendary. When I think of the passion of this state, I think how important  recreation and being active is. Hunting and fishing, hiking and biking, canoeing and kayaking, golfing and birding, it seems endless. Recreation is important to many travelers and ND has the scenery and the space to keep ya movin’.

The summers are breathtaking, full of everything green, fresh and the happiness of people to just be outside all day, which many travelers are aware of. I think many are surprised, however that this is still a very active state all year-long. Fall is starting to become one of my favorite months, with temperatures in the mid 70’s, it is perfect weather for all outdoor recreation. Winter is not far behind with my latest favorite activity being cross-country skiing (there is something about working up a good sweat in the snow). Finally, spring… ohh how I do love our springs here! Fresh leaves, flowers, smells, golf courses starting to open and I am back at running season. It’s too hard for me to pick my favorite season, I guess that’s why having 4 seasons makes North Dakota Legendary!

What’s your favorite season, does it have to do with your favorite recreational activity?

Check out the full article:


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A new website for Devils Lake

One of the hottest fishing spots in the northern plains now has a new connection to great information.  Devils Lake launched a new website today – it features information on the fun things to see and do in the city and the area, and has bonus features like fishing reports, events and activities, and even job listings.

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Alex Mergen – U R Legendary!

An unidentified angler stands with the record paddlefish caught by Alex Mergen

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has confirmed that a youth from South Dakota has landed a new, state-record paddlefish.  Alex Mergen, 16, of Rapid City, SD can now claim he’s caught the largest fish in North Dakota.  The paddlefish was confirmed to be at least 130 pounds.  (The rumor is that the Game and Fish scale only goes to 130 pounds.)

The record fish was caught Sunday morning on the Missouri River near Williston.  It reportedly was 74-inches and took 10 minutes to land.  The paddlefish season opened this past weekend and continues through the end of the month.

Congratulations Alex – we think You Are Legendary!!


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Package of the Year

The 2010 North Dakota Tourism Conference included recognizing some of the best and brightest in North Dakota’s tourism industry – including the Package of the Year.

Becoming An Outdoors Woman – is a workshop primarily aimed at women, but is open to all participants 18 years and older, wanting to learn outdoor skills.  The three-day workshop offers programs in archery, canoeing, field dressing big game, an introduction to firearms, fly-fishing, kayaking, GPS use, Dutch-oven cooking, plant identification, tracking, trapping and more.

The 2010 summer workshop takes place August 13-15 at Lake Metigoshe State Park near Bottineau.

Congratulations to Nancy Boldt and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department on a wonderful program and a 2010 award!


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Here fishy, fishy

The Walmart FLW Walleye Tour Championship is taking place right now on the Missouri River.  It honestly hasn’t been great weather for the anglers, but the catch has been pretty outstanding.  Yesterday, the top competitor brought in 35 lbs. of walleye to lock-up his place in the finals.  Tonight and tomorrow, the Bismarck Civic Center is hosting the Family Fun Zone and Outdoor Show.  Doors open at 2 p.m. today, noon tomorrow with the tournament weigh-in at 4 p.m.  There will also be free samples and prize drawings.  Best yet, admission is free.  Bring the family!

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Vacations can keep you healthy

Fishing BuddyMeet Buddy!  He joined his family fishing on Lake Sakakawea this weekend and seems to agree that a North Dakota vacation makes everyone in the family happier!  In fact, the medical community released a report this spring about the importance of taking vacations.  Not only are they great for families, there are a lot of individual benefits too:

  • Vacations Promote Creativity
  • Vacations Stave Off Burnout
  • Vacations Can keep Us Healthy
  • Vacations Can Strengthen Bonds 
  • Vacations Can Help With Your Job Performance

North Dakota Tourism has a ton of information on Where To Go, What To Do, vacation packages and specials – and you can custom-make your itinerary with our trip planner.


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